The Sand That Ate The Sea

Solo Exhibition - Matthew Thorne

Opening Reception 13.12.2018, 7 pm.

Late Night Live Music with Luke Howard
21.12.2018, 7 pm. RSVP

Exhibit open 14.12.2018 - 30.12.2018

A photographic exhibition of film photos from Opal Mining Country - Andamooka, SA taken over the course of 6 months living on and off in the community - and in connection with a mythic film shot in the town.

The South Australian desert is a mystical place - millennia ago it was an ocean, and opalised aquatic dinosaur fossils are still found in the dirt there today. It is home to an arid land, and deep, old magic. A land of endless sweeping salt flats, and undulating red earth.

It is show about grief, Australian masculinity, opal mining, the mysticism of the Australian red dirt - and the relationship of that land (and community) to time.

25 c-type photographic prints, a 4 channel film work, and a burning car.

This is where the frontier is, and the last of the great Australian frontiersmen call it home.

Proudly supported by Townhaus West Melb, Four Pillars Gin and Moon Dog Craft Brew.

Matthew Thorne

Dancing in the space between constructed narrative and observational storytelling, Matthew Thorne’s work captures real people and experiences through a composed, dreamlike lens. Often mixing actors with life’s authentic characters, Matthew Thorne develops a depth of performance in his films that drives storylines forward while preserving raw, grounded moments. 

Matthew’s film work has been awarded a Gold Lotus at Adfest, A Bronze Lion and Gold Young Director Award at Cannes Lions Festival, a Silver Spikes, a Silver and Bronze Clio, a One Screen Award, and has been an Official Selection of LA Music Video Festival.

His photography has been exhibited in Melbourne, Sydney and Berlin.

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