Lux Demonstrat Umbra

Exhibition - Jeremy Blincoe + Noah Grosz

Opening Reception 14.11.2018, 6-9 pm.

Exhibit open 14.11.2018 - 24.11.2018
Wednesday – Saturday, 11 am – 5 pm.

Shadow reveals the light - an exhibition of painting, sculpture and 3D animation about the unknown.

We do not know why we behave how we do. It is in the unfamiliar, the dark ocean surrounding our islands of consciousness, that the greatest potentialities often lay...
- Jeremy Blincoe

Proudly supported by Townhaus West Melb and Four Pillars Gin.


Jeremy Blincoe

Jeremy Blincoe is a visual storyteller. His purpose is not to reflect the world we see around us, but to explore the interior world of the mind. The mind of the individual, but also the mind of the community, the shared imagination of the group. Like peeling the layers of skin from an onion, it is a slow process of gradual steps as he digs deeper into these imaginative psychological spaces. While his images often spring from the personal, they seek, though the process of becoming artworks, to be reformed in a mythic visual language that may be shared by others.

Jeremy Blincoe Website

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Noah Grosz

Noah Grosz is a dynamic and fascinating contemporary artist who engages with a wide range of media, from the traditional painting techniques of the Great Masters, pen-and ink-drawing, constructing architectural forms from balsa wood and natural fibres, utilising lost wax method for casting metal sculptures, and exploiting contemporary commercial techniques such as stencilling and airbrushing with automotive enamels to create slick contemporary paintings.

Through his examination of the built and natural environment, he highlights contemporary issues of climate change and the uneasy relationship between humans and the environments they inhabit.

Noah Grosz Website

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