Bound to Stone

Solo Exhibition - Kane Alexander

Opening Reception 03.10.2018, 6-9 pm.

Exhibit open 03.10.2018 - 14.10.2018
Wednesday - Sunday, 12-5 pm.

222 Rosslyn presents “Bound to Stone” by artist Kane Alexander. Having exhibited locally and internationally over the past ten years, this will be his first solo show encompassing photography, sculpture and installation. 

Shot through the night in the Highlands of the Westfjords in Iceland, “Bound to Stone” centres on themes of loss and isolation contrasted with hope, and the harmony found in this intersection of emotion.  

Each image immerses the viewer, creating an atmospheric energy through ambiguity, contrast of light and dark elements, and use of the naturally occurring weather and prolonged light during solstice.

Maybe people will just experience emotions that they’ve felt before, that don’t necessarily have a name - especially tied to the experience of isolation or loss, when single emotions aren’t necessarily dominant. There can still be levels of hope and positive experience overlapping - your mind finds its own information in the areas that aren’t resolved, in the dark or obscured areas. 
– Kane Alexander

“Bound to Stone” is the body of work that ties together the ideas and values that have continually informed his practice.

Opening night attendees will enjoy drinks from Four Pillars Gin and music by opera soprano Astrid Connelly, with accompaniment by Jeremy Challender, Caity Brennan and Angus Barbary.

Proudly supported by Townhaus West Melb, Four Pillars Gin and Australian Piano Warehouse.  

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